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​​In the 1980's we owned and operated three McDonald's Restaurants. Our managers spent too much time manually calculating sales 

forecasts, scheduling employees, entering purchases, extending 

inventories, ordering products and not enough time on the floor 

managing employees and pleasing guests. Our managers weren't mathematicians nor did we want them to be. Our Accountant took a full month to give us the previous month's Profit and Loss Statement.

So in 1982 we became the 3rd paying customer of Restaurant Technology Incorporated.  The RTI Accounting Suite included accounts payable, general ledger, check reconciliation, payroll, timekeeping, daily store reporting and menu management. We completed weekly inventories with a Telxon hand held inventory device and downloaded inventory, sales and payroll data to the corporate office on Mondays with a Hayes 2400 Baud modem.  By 2 PM every Monday afternoon we provided our managers with data that identified all yields and variances from ideal to actual, from hamburger patties, cheese slices and ketchup packets to napkins. The software calculated an item usage per $1,000 of sales and created accurate product purchase orders.   We trained other McDonald’s Owner/Operators on how to install and use RTI software.

We also became the first paying customer of SuperSked for sales forecasting and labor scheduling.  SuperSked created a sales forecast by averaging the past five weeks hourly sales. We used McDonald’s average crew rate based labor algorithms to schedule unit producing and non unit producing labor hours and used the employee's temporary and standard availability.     

We motivated our managers by designing a management pay for performance Scorecard System based on the book “The Game of Work” which applied the measurements of product and labor efficiency to ideal and provided bonus incentives that yielded profit improvement of over 40% of market average store performance.